Hello Lovely people

My name is Violeta Martinez. I’m a 20 something year old Texas gal who has a passion for fashion, fitness, and fun! 

I love photography, media, make-up, creating, D.I.Y. home decor and above all God!

I live in the Houston area with my wonderful hubbs, and hyper but sweetest Siberian Husky. I’m in the process of receiving  B.A in Communications. 

 One fact about me is that  I don’t shop full retail, about 10% of my closet is full retail and the rest is from sales, discounts and COUPONS!! ♥  I believe that anyone can purchase name brand and designer items without breaking the bank, but it is NOT all about the tag but about feeling good and owning it.   This is probably one of the reasons I wanted to start a blog.  Also, most of the pictures that will be posted taken by me, but I will try my best for someone to take them for me. 

Fashions fade, Style is eternal – Yves Saint-Laurent

I finally decided to start my blog. Starting a blog has be tugging my heart for quite sometime now. I was very hesitate because I am a busy bee, and I have to admit  I was indecisive and a bit scared of the “what ifs…” but I told myself WHAT NOT?!   Working full-time, attending school, doing photography on the side & wifely duties, it can be a bit overwhelming I’m going for it. 

If you have any ideas you would like to share, collaborate, or just have a question contact me at


I hope you enjoy my blog and new journey. <3


Keep it Classy,


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